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Venice Profiles

Most popular articles from Betsy’s “Around Venice” column in The Argonaut and her blog “Venice Vanguard” highlighting a special time for people and places in Venice – some no longer here.


2006 – Jataun Valentine … A Venice Gem

In 2005 Jataun Valentine was a recipient of the 2nd annual “LA Pearls Senior Citizen of the Year Awards” that is given out by the City Attorney´s office in each of the 18 Neighborhood Prosecutor Divisions. This award honors senior citi...

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A Fond Farewell to Sgt. Smedley

We knew the end was coming, but it was too fast when it did. One day on vacation, the next a December 8th official promotion at Parker Center and, finally, cleaning out his desk at Pacific to ride into the sunset away from the beach to be a...

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2006 – Emily Winters: A Retrospective

What better way to celebrate a 70th birthday than to look back at the past 50 years to see where you´ve been and where you´re going. “It´s a birthday present to myself,” says Emily Winters. “What´s the point in having all this stu...

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2006 – Councilman Bill Rosendahl on Venice

It’s easy to tell that Bill Rosendahl really likes his job. After a year and a half in office he still has the infectious bubbly enthusiasm about accomplishing his goals. A lot of politicians are so fixated on policy making that they ...

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2006 – Rules of the Road for Biking

Have you noticed that more and more people are riding bikes in Venice as well as other communities? There are a lot of benefits in doing so. The exercise is good for the body and mind, gas money is saved, parking is not a problem and it hel...

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2005 – Joe Wheatley´s Muscle Beach Venice

When I first moved to Venice, I lived in an apartment building on Ocean Front Walk. At that time, I had my weekends free and used to join other residents of the building on the front stoop to work on my tan and people watch. It was an incre...

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