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Venice Profiles

Most popular articles from Betsy’s “Around Venice” column in The Argonaut and her blog “Venice Vanguard” highlighting a special time for people and places in Venice – some no longer here.


2013 – Catching up with Bingwa

Longtime Venice residents will remember Bingwa, founder of Venice Arts Mecca in 1991 and the Executor Director until the end of 1995, then head of the Venice Dream Team until 2002. He still visits Venice between trips around the world. So, ...

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2010 – The Real “Baywatch”

The word “Baywatch” probably evokes memories of the television series from 1989 to 1999 that idealized Southern California lifeguards. There is a real Baywatch that started as rescue boats to protect the whole South Bay in the early 190...

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2008 – Melya Kaplan: Advocate for Animals

A shaking, skinny German Shepherd with blisters all over his body arrived on the front doorstep of Melya Kaplan’s home in 1991. She thought he had mange and immediately took him to a veterinarian. It turned out that his blebby skin was th...

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2008 – Your Honor, Judge Mark Windham

It was a reason to celebrate and Mark Windham’s Venice neighbors wanted to show just how proud they were of him by throwing a surprise party after the announcement of his judgeship appointment by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Los ...

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