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I am pleased to provide feedback from satisfied clients. You will receive the same dedicated service.

Rhonda and Bill Reedy – Santa Monica Buyers

My husband and I purchased a condominium with the help of Betsy Goldman. As first time buyers, the real estate market, as well as the various steps involved in the purchasing process, were completely new to us. With her thoroughness, accessibility, and patience, Betsy made the experience as easy and painless as possible. She was always available to answer questions and explain the unfamiliar. We are very happy with our new place. We definitely recommend Betsy to anyone in the market for a new home.

Jeannine Prindle and DaynaChristou – Venice Buyers

From the beginning of our association with Betsy Goldman, she was a very professional and honest agent. We found her to be very knowledgeable and patient in the process of searching for a home. Our “dream” house turned out to be a 1930s Spanish home in a state of total disrepair. Betsy was literally a miracle worker in helping to arrange everyone from the plumber, roofer, foundation expert to the electrician to inspect our future and give us an estimate for needed repairs. Due to Betsy’s resourcefulness and efficiency, this was accomplished all in a single day! We would not have proceeded with the purchase without her valuable services. Betsy’s extensive experience and help did not stop with our decision to buy the house. She was also very helpful in finding homeowner’s insurance and in handling all the final details such as termite inspection and repairs with the seller. Betsy was very instrumental in helping our dreams come true. In addition, we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated her calmness and sense of humor during our moments of high anxiety associated with buying a house.

Karen Praxel – Venice Buyer

I met Betsy Goldman through community projects in which we both take an interest. I feel great working with a person that takes an interest in her community beyond that of making a profit. In acting as agent when we bought our house, Betsy rose above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways. When my husband Jim and I became interested in buying a house I spoke with Betsy to ask her some preliminary questions. Although we were very honest that we were not yet financially ready to buy Betsy worked with us for over a year. She hand delivered listings to our house twice a week, showed us properties she thought we would be interested in, taught us about all the steps involved for first-time buyers and was always available to answer questions and satisfy our growing curiosity. She never made us feel we were wasting her time or had stupid questions. The house we finally bought was never on the market. Jim and I met the owners in our neighborhood. The seller wanted to do the transaction without agents but I felt strongly that I wanted Betsy looking out for my interests and always felt that she did so with the utmost integrity. It was rather unconventional but Betsy was flexible, accommodating and knowledgeable. She was able to strike a difficult balance between professionalism and the feeling of a deal between friends. Again her involvement in every aspect of the process was above and beyond the call of duty. Betsy helped us find a tenant for the place we vacated. When all our time schedules started to crash into each other she came to the house and helped us sand the woodwork so we would be ready in time!! She helped to facilitate every aspect. I really credit Betsy with making the purchase of our house a truly fun experience.

Robert and Elizabeth Edmonds – Venice Sellers, Texas

We highly recommend Betsy Goldman as a sales representative for real estate in California. She is conscientious, knowledgeable and thorough in details of real estate transactions. She has a positive attitude and is pleasant to work with. She goes the “second mile” and is diplomatic in sales relationships.

Ann and Matt McMahon – Venice Buyers

Betsy’s the best. Not only was the market competitive but we restricted our home search to a couple of Venice blocks. Not a problem for Betsy. From the beginning, we knew we wanted someone who had history with the neighborhood and someone we felt would best represent our interests. No question about it – Betsy stayed one step ahead of the game; showed us property before the public and advised us on tips to make our offer un-deniable. And as a first time buyers, Betsy was patient, knowledgeable, accommodating and reliable. We were able to have an accepted offer without having the highest bid, closed on the house with break-neck speed and were able to follow-up with the owner with questions after we moved in, all without hitch or hassle. Thanks to Betsy, the process of buying our first home was what it should be … enjoyable.

Karl Mauzey – Venice Seller, San Francisco

Just a note to thank you for your professional and considerate job in selling my Venice property. Especially since I am no longer in Venice, there were lots of details that I wasn’t there to handle, but you stepped in and took care of them. I was particularly pleased that you could deal with my tenants for me, although helping them carry their stuff was beyond the call of duty. Throughout all this you were consistently pleasant and helpful to me. You got me the price I asked, dealt with the problems, and got it all done quickly, without my having to come to Venice. Thanks.

Kevin Maloney – Venice Seller, Manhattan Beach

After years of living in and then renting out a triplex on a Venice walk street, I reluctantly decided to sell it. As I no longer live in Venice, I did not know or have referrals to Venice area real estate agents. So I looked for brokers on the Internet, getting many “hits”. The most informative and personal site was that of Betsy Goldman, whom I called. She went right to work, answering questions and providing comparables of recent sales. Long story short, I successfully sold the property in a matter of days, with multiple offers. More important, Betsy took charge of coordinating on-site inspections, needed maintenance and improvement work, plus tenant relations during a difficult time for my long term renters who were subjected to considerable inconvenience and a fumigation. She also kept coordinating with the buyer’s agent and other key players to keep me informed and the deal on schedule. This was extremely valuable since my work required considerable travel during this period. Well done, Betsy.

Richard Berk – Venice Seller

Thank you for your professional expertise and personal oversight on the sale of my home in Venice. Not only did you help expedite a prompt sale but obtained an excellent price. I especially appreciated your personal attention and the easing of my move after thirty plus years. You were always there to handle compliance with the various government requirements. You made the whole process go smoothly and alleviated my anxieties over a great many details. Thanks again for your excellent representation. I would highly recommend your services to any prospective clients.

Gordon Elkins – Venice Seller

I can recommend Betsy Goldman to anyone who wants to sell their property in a timely fashion with as little stress as possible. She has a long and proven record and is honorable and diligent. On the personal side, she was attentive and caring from the beginning when discussing the listing, to the end when I handed her the last set of keys. Not only was Betsy successful in my particularly difficult situation, she was very supportive through a very emotional process and I would not hesitate to call on her again.

Stephen Kramer, Kramer Law Group – Venice Seller

It is my pleasure to recommend Betsy Goldman. I became acquainted with her as a result of the unexpected and sudden death of a client of our office. This gentleman had a large estate, a complicated family situation and significant residential properties in the Venice area of Los Angeles. One of these properties was in escrow at the time of my client’s unexpected passing. Ms. Goldman could not have been of greater assistance. The pending sale, which could have easily fallen apart was, instead, as a result of Ms. Goldman’s efforts, seen through to a speedy and successful conclusion. My client had young children and Ms. Goldman’s efforts in bringing this sale to the successful conclusion had a positive influence on allowing these children to continue with their education and maintain their homelife in as normal an atmosphere as possible. I cannot recommend Ms. Goldman highly enough.