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I am pleased to provide feedback from satisfied clients. You will receive the same dedicated service.

Jerry Palmer – Venice Seller, Hawaii

Betsy Goldman represented me in the sale of my Venice property. She has been extraordinary in the amount of patience she exhibited throughout the process. Her knowledge and enthusiasm made the transaction easy and worry-free. Even though we had some bumps along the way, Betsy quickly and diligently took care of them. She is a hard worker and is available 24/7 to consult and do the legwork. Betsy made me a very satisfied client.

Agnes Feingersh – Venice Seller

Betsy sold my home I lived in for 37 years. Thanks to Betsy my transition went smoothly. She understood my emotional toll of letting go and was supportive beyond her duties. I recommend Betsy. Her professional knowledge and her consciousness of the feelings of the people involved made the process of the transaction as easy as one can only wish for.

Herb and Marge Sieber – Venice Sellers, Mission Viejo

Hello, we are Marge and Herb Sieber. We recently sold our duplex (in Venice) after 42 years of ownership. We could not have accomplished this without the help and guidance of Betsy Goldman. We first became involved with Betsy about 5 years ago. My husband, Herb, would contact/email her with questions regarding Venice real estate. If he saw something on TV or the Internet with regard to rental property or Venice in general, he would not hesitate in contacting Betsy regarding their validity. If she didn’t have the answer, she would check into it and promptly get back to us. Because we will both be retired in the next 3 years (Herb is already retired), we wanted to simplify some of our investments. As we live in Mission Viejo (50 miles away), we decided to sell our Venice duplex. The travel to and from and general stress of dealing with tenants made this a necessary decision. We naturally contacted Betsy when we decided to sell. Betsy helped us understand what was involved in the selling process and what seemed like dozens and dozens of forms. Through countless emails and telephone calls, we were able to get all of our questions answered. We received offers immediately and recently sold for more than the asking price. We are grateful to Betsy for her time, expertise and above all, patience.

Stephen Pouliot – Venice and Mar Vista Buyer

Whether you’re in the market for personal or investment real estate, Betsy Goldman provides representation par excellence. Not only can you rely on her professional expertise and follow-through, from my experience, Betsy is also is an outstanding personal representative. Extremely courteous, she is diplomatic, yet firm when negotiating on your behalf. A longtime resident of Venice, she knows the market, and is a strong presence in the community. Her support of numerous worthwhile charities is admirable, and as a voice of the Argonaut, Betsy continues to illuminate the exciting palette of individuals and events that make our city so special.

Miriam Meyer – Venice Buyer and Seller, Pacific Palisades

Just to let you know how much I appreciate the immense effort you make each month with the newsletters you send to all. It is clear that it is well thought through and represents an intimate knowledge of the goings-on in your community. It’s what makes you who you are and what I experienced in our interactions around the one property you helped me buy and sell – you know and love Venice and are honest, sincere and hard working. Thanks.

Marilyn Mendoza – Venice Lessor, Texas

Can’t thank you enough for all your help. It’s been great working with you. The best thing we ever did was to look up your number on your newsletter and give you a call.

Ana Fahrer – Venice Buyer

Betsy Goldman was greatly helpful to me. She helped me to focus in on what I needed and wanted in a house and she found exactly what I wanted for a lot less than my budget limit. She is also very patient! Betsy continues to secure answers for me when I have any real estate questions.

Dave and Tuthi Ulm – Marina del Rey Buyers

A new job brought me to Los Angeles. Although I had visited the area several times in the past, I really had no idea of the different areas of the city and their tradeoffs (cost, travel, time, climate, rate, etc.) that must be considered in finding a home. Betsy took my “specific requirements” (an ocean view) and asked all the right questions to fill in the missing information. She took the time to select and show me various options from Playa del Rey to Santa Monica and explained the pluses and minuses of each option. In just a couple of months from the first day I met Betsy, I am now living in my beautiful home with a terrific view of the marina, Catalina Island and the ocean.

David Scott – Venice Seller, Florida

Betsy Goldman was my realtor when I sold my house in Venice. I had interviewed two other firms before I chose Betsy. She was the most familiar with my neighborhood and gave me what turned out to be the most realistic opinion about the value of my property (another agent working for a large, well known firm suggested a price range that turned out to be $30,000 less than the ultimate sale price of the house!). My house sold very quickly and the escrow was less than a month. However, the process was not without its false starts and surprises. Betsy was able to adapt to the various things that happened, to identify things that needed to be done and to get them done quickly. This was especially helpful to me as I live in Florida and could not really keep on top of things myself.

Oscar Melendez – Venice Seller, Ojai

My family lost our mother and we needed help from a realtor in the Venice area to sell her house. I met with this quiet individual who promptly found a buyer willing to offer more than our asking price. Throughout the details of negotiations, Betsy Goldman guided me patiently, effectively and conscientiously to an end of the year closing which was my hopeful goal. All through the negotiations that involved a sometime difficult buyer, Betsy was able to counsel me to complete the sale in a truly professional manner. I wish to thank Betsy Goldman for a job well done, no rather, a job excellently done.